Parent and Teacher Collaboration in the Classroom

Classroom teachers and parental involvement are two factors that equal success when they are combined in the classroom setting. Our children reap the benefits from effective parental involvement efforts. Let’s take a look at parent involvement and the teachers' role to support parental involvement.

What is Parent Involvement?

What is parent involvement? Although this term can be defined in many ways, a compact definition is meaningful participation of a child's parents or guardians in the child’s education.

The Teacher’s Role in the Classroom
Typically, the teachers' duty is to provide a well rounded and solid education to students. However, the teacher is more than a classroom instructor. The teacher is also responsible for engaging parents in supporting their children's learning. Communication with parents is the key to teacher-parent interactions.

Teachers can foster increased parent involvement through the following activities:
Encourage parents to sponsor a parent day in your classroom.
Design take-home projects for students to complete with their parents.
Provide opportunities for parents to network with other parents in the classroom setting.
Encourage parent/teacher communication through phone calls, e-mails, letters homes, and other communication strategies.
Invite parents to observe their children in the classroom.

Parent and Teacher Collaboration in the Classroom
Use the following link to access resources to help teachers brigde the gap between home and school.

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